Thursday, March 03, 2011

Steampunk Toys by Carbfu

An interesting development would be to add electronics, promoting them to robots or perhaps just to explore the performance envelope of steam engines with real-time pressure and temperature regulation, not unlike engine managment systems found in modern combustion engines.

According to the artist: I'm an artist first and foremost, you can check out some of my artwork and animation. Doing something creative and unique is just part of my nature. I'm interested in old tech, but with a twist, in the spirit of steampunk. But form follows function, these ideas must work, otherwise it won't matter how cool they look. I wanted to build the first of its kind using the power of steam, and wacky / silly ranks high in my book....

These steam machines are real miniature live steam engines. Principles are simple, heat + water = steam, steam pushes pistons and provides power in a circular motion.... how you harness that work is up to you :) I use mainly stationary or marine engines to start. They use alcohol, gas, or solid fuel tablets for heat, and requires oiling on each run. Distilled water is recommended, and steam pressure can build up around 1 to 3 bars, or around 10-40 psi. They have safety valves which releases the steam at a certain pressure, as not to "blow up", and typical running time, depending on the machines, is anywhere between 5-30 minutes.

Source: crabfu

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