Monday, March 28, 2011

12 Funny Mona Lisa Recreations

Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, was a subject of many disputes. Who is the mysterious woman in the picture, why is she smiling like that, is it maybe Leonardo himself as a woman or his alter ego; were just some of the questions that were asked by the connoisseurs of his art. We may never get the true answers to these questions but we can give our own version and even do a remake of the picture as we perceive it.

Van Diesel may be one of the possible answers to this puzzle, or not… You decide whether he is a better Mona Lisa then the real one.

Many think of Megan Fox as the most beautiful woman that looks surreal. However, Megan may be hot but she is less talented than this 16th century portrait.

This is Mona Lisa painted in an innovative and creative way as a part of nature.

Colombian Painter Fernando Botero paints Fatso Mona Lisa.

Image Source.

This Mona Lisa was made of computer chips (ASUS headquarters).

Who woudn't like to own this Mona Bean?

Marco Pece is an Italian photographer with a fascination with Lego. An art lover himself, his recent work recreates famous paintings in perfect detail, using the ubiquitous bricks. This is his Mona Lisa with Lego.

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The famous cover of New Yorker Magazine depicting Monica Lewinsky as the Mona Lisa was very controversial.

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Tania Ledger from Croydon in south London employed a 3D art expert who reconstructed the famous painting for the The Da Vinci Code film to do the same in her garden. Chris Naylor took two days to replicate Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece in grass, using a small lawnmower and a handful of garden tools.

Image Source.

Artist Jim Hance painted this geek parody of the famous Mona Lisa titled "Mona Leia".

Mona Tofu, made out of rice, sea kelp, and tofu by vegetable artist Ju Duoqi.

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The Mona Lisa on Toast by Tadhiko Okawa recreated Da Vinci's Mona Lisa from 1,426 pieces of burnt toast.

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