Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Before they were famous, some of these celebrities were impossibly poised and well-groomed for high school. Some of them were as awkward as your average teenager. Click through the photos and vote on whose yearbook pics are the most embarrassing.

Adam Levine

Axl Rose

Beyonce Knowles

Bruce Springsteen


Debbie Harrya

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Vedder



Gwen Stefani

Iggy Pop

James Hetfield

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison

John Mayer

Johnny Cash

Katy Perry

Kid Rock

Kirk Hammett

Kurt Cobain


Marilyn Manson

Michael Stipe

Neil Young


Scott Weiland

Snoop Dogg

Steven Tyler

Tom Petty

Tommy Lee

Travis Barker

50 Cent

David Hasselhoff

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson

Lauren Hill

Mariah Carey

Paula Abdul

Pharrell Williams

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normadesmond said...

jennifer hudson had sally beauty hair.

Anonymous said...

haha....50 cent! stupid face!!!

Henning Diesel said...

Mariah Carey looks like a boiled squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Steven tyler's lips never change

Anonymous said...

Travis Barker, dear lord

Anonymous said...

i find them ALL strikingly attractive. Don't hassle the Hoff.

Anonymous said...

That cant be prince too funny...lmfao