Sunday, April 30, 2006

2007 Audi TT Pimped

Pimped 2007 Audi TT

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Venice City In Lego

Venice city made completely from Lego.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Largest Ship In The World

Largest Luxury Cruise Ship In The world, "Freedom of the Seas".

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Top 10 Strangest Home Gadgets

Techeblog have published a list of the Top 10 Strangest Home Gadgets.

Sunflower Solar Power Station

The Sunflower might be the best designed solar power station ever created for the home and office. Solar panels found up top provide power throughout the day, while the rechargeable solar battery keeps things working at night. Also included is an integrated solar powered music system complete with speakers which is sure to liven up your home. No word yet on pricing or availability.

Smart Oven

Samsung has teamed up with Birds Eye frozen foods to develop a smart oven that knows how to cook a meal by just reading “Smart Codes” found on specially marked packaging. Buyers seeking the ultimate in convenience will appreciate this oven, just scan and cook. It’s priced at $525, no word yet on availability.

1. Japanese Air-Shower System

This Japanese air-shower system is situated in a 2 m (tall) x 90 cm (wide) chamber and uses 12 nozzles to blow off any allergens (pollen and dust) found on the body/clothes.

2. The Washing, Drying, Ironing Machine

Designed by Oliver Blackwell, the “WashDryIron” is an all-in-one machine that can handle up to 16 items at once. All the washing, drying, and ironing take place in seperate compartments with each piece on hangers to prevent creases. Mr. Blackwell expects his machine to sell for $1,389 - $1,562 when it’s released.

3. Hard Drive Coffee Table

This coffee table is supposed to resemble the old 1970 hard drives that were larger than your car. It measures 19.5" high and weighs in at just 64 pounds.

4. Inflatable Massage Chair

Here’s a first: a bargain-priced inflatable massage chair that can be taken anywhere. This massage chair includes three intensity levels, nine functions, timer control, repair kit, and remote. The electric pump (included) inflates this chair in just one minute. Its available now for just $143.91.

5. Pong Clock

The score shown on the left and right sides correspond to the time of day. A continuous random game of Pong is played by the clock every 24 hours. If they would only install these at work or school, it would actually give you a good reason to stare at the clock. Check out a movie of it in action here.

6. Six Part Toaster

As long as you don’t mind its funky design, this stylish Six Part Toaster by Matt Gossington really gets the job done. It sports six individual compartments that can be removed to keep your toast hot and crispy.

7. CD Lamp

If you’ve got hundreds of old AOL discs laying around, why not put them to good use? This creation was made from a pile of old CDs, an ATX power supply, and a custom circular base.

8. Plasma Screen Fireplace

Now your fireplace can do more than just keep you warm. PictureHouse presents the "Beachcomber Plasma Screen Fireplace", which was shown at this years British Invention Show. When the plasma screen is not in use, it slides right into the fireplace. Another push of a button brings the plasma screen right back out, leaving no unsightly wires or plugs in sight. The fireplace itself features a solid stone look and is accented with pebbles in a waved pattern. Just the fireplace alone will cost you $3744 USD, the plasma screen has to be purchased seperatley.

9. World’s First Digital Plant is selling the world’s first digital “e-plant”. What makes this a digital plant? This bean plant sprouts with binary “01001011″ and “@” characters on its leaves. Not very exciting, but if you have an extra $3.99 to spare, this plant might be something cool for your living room.

10. Erasable Shower Tablet

Why waste time while your in the shower? Jot down your to-do list, great ideas, or just doodles on this ersable shower tablet. It comes with a waterproof crayon, crayon caddy, and suctions to the wall. Now the question is, who really likes spending quality time in the shower? For those that do, you can purchase one here for just $15.99.

For More Info click Here.

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