Friday, March 11, 2011

80's Heartthrobs Then and Now

These guys got their start more than 25 years ago.... Are they hotter now than they were then?

Johnny Depp

Matthew Broderick

John Paul Cusack

Denzel Washington

Donnie Wayne "Don" Johnson

Fredrick Aaron "Fred" Savage

Harrison Ford

James Todd Spader

John Stamos

Judd Nelson

Keanu Reeves

Kirk Cameron

Matt Dillon

Andrew McCarthy

Philip Michael Thomas

Michael Andrew Fox

Ralph George Macchio

Rob Lowe

Sean Justin Penn

Kiefer Sutherland

Timothy Hutton

Tom Cruise

Val Edward Kilmer

Wil Wheaton

Patrick Dempsey

John Cusack

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Unknown said...

Jonh Cusack is repeated

Emily said...

John Stamos and Patrick Dempsey.... *swooon*

Anonymous said...

Javi, that's probably not by accident! :-P

Anonymous said...

Patrick Dempsey is definitely as hot now as he was then!

Angela2BPecked said...

You can find all these exact pics with description on MSNBC's website!