Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evolution of Portable Gaming Consoles

The origins of handheld gaming consoles came in the late 1970s and gained momentum in the industry from the 1980s through the early 1990s when the many celebrated names of the "video game console" world jumped onto the bandwagon deeming it a lucrative business. There were names like Nintendo, Sega, Atari and NeoGeo, offering a different spectrum of games to consumers. Although some did not last as long as others (Nintendo), they did provide countless amounts of joy in their time.

Nintendo Game Boy, 1989

Atari Lynx, 1989

Game Boy Color, 1998

Game Boy Advance, 2001

Nokia N-Gage, 2003

Tapwave Zodiac, 2003

Nintendo DS, 2004

Sony PlayStation Portable, 2004

Gizmondo, 2005

Pandora, 2010

Nintendo 3DS, 2011

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Anonymous said...

ARRR? SEGA GameGear ????

Anonymous said...

how about iPhone?

Gaming Consoles said...

I totally forgot DS was that old. But the NGP will pwn all the other portable machines!

I've never even seen a N-gage before!