Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful Underwater Meadow

Gruner See is a green lake in Austria. In fact, this is a meadow in the woods, but it’s very unusual. From May to July it is filled up with water coming down from the mountains. In some places this lake’s depth is up to 8 meters. The water here is crystal clear.

It is a green park with paths, benches, green meadows. In the spring the water level in the lake rises strongly because of melting snow, an average of 3-4 meters, flooding annually paths, lawns, bridges and benches. But this visibility remains quite magical – 30 meters, probably, if not more. It was at this time should there be, to witness the crystal clear fresh water lakes.

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1 comment:

Xwonderful said...

you nedd new wide screen for such pics. these too little & it's not so cool to open everyone in new window by clicking.