Monday, September 20, 2010

25 Celebrities in Ridiculous Disguises

There's no doubt that celebrities are under intense public pressure whenever they step outside, and such pressure can be overwhelming. When paparazzi make a living off of snapping candid photos of your daily life, it sometimes become necessary to go under cover. But while most celebrities opt for a low-key baseball cap or sunglasses, some go a little overboard. Here are 25 of the most ridiculous celebrity disguises we could find. Coment for the most ridiculous!

Dustin Hoffman


Pete Wentz

Neil Diamond

Ice Cube


Jim Carrey

Heather Mills

Michael Jackson & Crew

Russel Brand

Spencer Pratt

Charlie Sheen

Kim Kardashian


Michael Jackson

Robbie Williams

Steven Spielberg

Katy Perry


Pete Wentz

Paris Hilton

Gordon Ramsay

Katy Perry

Mel Gibson


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