Friday, September 10, 2010

20 Signs You Need To Go On a Diet

Enjoy a new compilation of signs that should tell you it’s time to go on a diet and lose some weight. We don’t laugh at obesity, we laugh at the reality and funny captions to all these photographs.

20. You Are The Whole Rockband

19. ‘G’ Is For Ghetto Booty, Not Gucci

18. The ‘Robot’ < The ‘Globot’

17. So Many Levels Of Wrong

16. Morbidly Obeast

15. You Must Be Carted

14. Your Car Has A Joystick

13. You’re Slow, Even At Looking At The Camera

12. Seagull Target

11. Halloween Costumes Always Involve Moo-Moos

10. You’re Hurting That Rock

9. There’s No ‘Fatass’ In ‘Badass’

8. Nothing Says “I’m Lonely” Like Cowboy Boots

7. You Are A Goomba

6. More Lumpy Than Square

5. What?

4. Smuggling Mexican Kids In There, Are We Now?

3. You Have Been Beached

2. “Schwartzman, quit farting around and lift her.”

1. The Ginger Gene Just Wasn’t Bad Enough

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