Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stunning Close Up Photography Of Wild Animals

All these wildlife photographs were taken under controlled conditions by 32-year-old British photographer Jonathan Griffiths who lives in Montana, USA.

Griffiths held his camera just inches away from tigers, leopards, bears and cougars to get the close-up shots. He endured bitter -40 degree Celsius temperatures, as he gained the trust of each animal over two to three days attracting them with chicken meat.

Mr. Risky got a camera 2 years ago as his birthday present from his fiancée. She wanted him to take pictures of their newborn son. But, after visiting a local zoo, Jonathan became certain that he wanted to photograph powerful predators in the wild. So he went to America and stayed in a lodge by a wildlife reserve. Waking up at 5.30 a.m. every day, he would take his pictures. He admitted that this was a big adrenaline rush, being so close to animals that he could see the drool dripping on to their jaws.

He carried on his project for 15 months. Luckily, he and his camera have survived this challenge.

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Nicole said...

Umm.. Why is there a picture of a lion out in the snow? I thought lions lived in hot areas in Africa?

lanng_babylon said...

oh...oh...beautiful photos and hero too!!