Monday, October 11, 2010

25 Celebrities Who Played High School Sports

These celebrities are very well known and they all played high school sports. However, apparently, they lost interest in sports somewhere along the way. This probably occurred about the same time they got interested in acting.

George Clooney Basketball

Chuck Norris Football

Tina Fey Tennis

Jamie Foxx Basketball

Steve Carell Hockey

Jon Hamm Football

Kendra Wikinson Soccer

Sylvester Stallone Football

Willie Nelson Football

Ryan Seacrest Football

Gwen Stefani Swimming

Brad Pitt Basketball

Avril Lavigne Hockey

Sheryl Crow Track

Bill Cosby Football

Matthew McCongaughey Golf

Tom Cruise Soccer

Robin Williams Football

Ellen Degeneres Tennis

Burt Reynolds Football

Tommy Lee Jones Football

Jon Stewart Soccer

Emma Watson Field Hockey

David Boreanaz Football

Ed Asner Football

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Anonymous said...

You left out Mark Harmon, football, don't have a picture yet it was CA UCLA?

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris must have been unstoppable on the field...

Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby was better known as a high jumper in track & field.