Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Russian Home Made Hummer

Russian proving to be more innovative and surprising world with every unique creation they come up with. Yea, I am saying so because last time we had a guy from Kazakhstan who built a Rolls Royce Phantom out of his old Mercedes car at his home and this time meet another guy with unique creation: a self made Hummer.

Well, it may not be called the replica of American beast but Russians have their own Hummer before china could have one. Many may call it a Russian approach for the American beast but the vehicle could climb mountains, to sow and plough through the fields, to clean snow and mud, drive underwater and Russian one could even drive through fire.

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Dannyboy said...

That was awesome!!!

Kevin said...

That thing is ridiculous. How does it climb up those ridges, that's crazy.

David said...

well, that sure is a homemade hummer, lol. is it really driving over fire?