Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Avatar Addiction

After the release of this epic science fiction film, everyone has gone crazy. Nearly everyone is either talking about Avatar, writing about it or suggesting other people to watch it. Now Avatar has also begun to conquer the Internet.

The first steps in this direction are the emergence of the first celebrity photomontages depicted as avatar characters.

I have gathered one such celebrity collection especially for you. I liked how many famous people were transformed.

Katy Perry


Britney Spears



Robert Pattison

Hugh Laurie

Rowan Atkinson

Vladimir Putin

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Will Smith

Megan Fox

The Beatles

Here is a bunch of other examples of ordinary people transformed into people of Pandora.

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EDM-News said...

where can I transfer my pic to avatar?

Anonymous said...

in adobe photoshop

Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking for a way to turn themselves into a Na'vi, here's some helpful info:


nishu said...

a novel idea.