Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ice Bars Around The World

An ice bar, sometimes associated with a ice hotel is a drinking establishment primarily made of ice. The bars usually contain ice sculptures and other formations and are kept at low temperatures to hinder melting. Mostly a novelty, the ice bar is often considered a tourist destination. The ice bar is usually located in colder regions around the world, as it is easier to keep the ice stable in frigid temperatures. Some ice bars are also located in larger cities all over the world including London, Paris and Dubai, as the cost of upkeep can be sustained by its many patrons.The Icebar in Orlando is the first and largest permanent ice bar in America.

Sweden, Stockholm

First Ice Bar at Sea on the Third Generation of NCL Cruise Ships

China, Harbin

South Africa



Russia, St.Petersburg

Australia, Sydney

USA, Orlando

Italy, Milan

England, London

Denmark , Copenhagen

Canada, Quebec

France, Paris

Japan, Tokyo

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Lady Jaguar said...

Wonderful views!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the swedish icehotel in Jukkasjärvi on the list?

jeans5uf said...

India too, has not been left out of experiencing Ice bar. First and only Ice bar amidst the heart of mumbai city called 21Fahrenheit aka 21F is now one destination to be when the fieriness of tropical summer heat is ready to annihilate. At 21F, they not only serve drinks but also food on fire in the midst of ICE. It a place must visit when in india!!