Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Potato Portraits by Ginou Choueiri

Lebanese artist Ginou Choueiri likes drawing portraits on potatoes. He has made hundreds of these that grow live and then eventually decay and die, probably because it would just be too disturbing to eat one.

“I chose the potato to portray human faces because of the many striking parallels. Not only is their skin porous like ours, but their skin texture and color is very similar, and like us, they come in different sizes, shapes and forms.” - Ginou

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Anonymous said...

if he's painting these by hand, bravo!

to me it looks like they've been shopped - or at least he's using photographs and food dye on screens?

nosoloSporting said...

Amazing!!! If i see these potatos in my home I don´t eat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ginou Choueiri is a woman.