Monday, May 04, 2009

Creative Bus Stops

Riding the bus is not usually a pleasant experience. All the sweaty workers coming home, many smells combining and you won’t find very nice people. Luckily, you can enjoy some pleasant moments while waiting for the bus, more precisely in one of these creative bus stops advertising agencies came up with.

Futuristic Bus Stop in Curitiba, Brazil

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Strawberry Bus Stop in Japan

Yosemite Falls Bus Stop

Hammock Bus Stop

Air Conditioned Bus Stop in Dubai

Casar de Caceres Bus Stop in Spain

Moroccan Style Bus Stop in Cornwall, England

Estonian Bus Stop

Watermelon Bus Stop in Ishaya, Japan

School Bus Bus Stop in Athens

Swing Bus Stop in London

Vitra Bus Stop in Germany

Grass Roof Bus Stop in Sheffield, England

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1 comment:

STEVIE DEE said...

I'd love a hammock or a swing!!