Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ugliest Prostitute Mug Shots

We take a look at 21 prostitutes mugshot's that have been arrested and deemed the ugliest. Still don’t know who will pay money to them..

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canbarelystandthisworld said...

Some of the women are homely but most just look "beat down" with few places to find a friendly word or compassion.

Some look obviously strung out and need to find rehab for their escape into drugs.

Prostitution has always been a way to make money when one has no self esteem or education. Or when one thinks there is no other way.

Don't degrade these women more by calling them "ugly" they are desperate, and lonely and feel they have nothing to contribute but their cunts and mouths to the scum that prey on them.

Anonymous said...

calling them ugly is not a degradation, it's more of an aeshtetical rating.. and yes, they're ugly as fuck! :D

Rus said...

they degrade themselves by being prostituts...they have the power to change....they don't have my sympathy just my pity

S. said...

How very sad was this!
I felt increasing pity as I viewed these pictures. They were not necessarily ugly, just lonely, desperate, tired, ill; most of them.
And I'd guess at least one of them was a real beauty - once. It's so striking with one photo that I'm surprised that anyone could call this woman ugly, even now.

JohnnyCache said...

They're fucking ugly useless scum of the earth... quit your bleeding heart shit...

They all ought to be executed for spreading disease, either literally, or through the use and distribution of drugs.

Unknown said...

Here's a complete evaluation from a hooker enthusiast: me.

#1 just needs to get some sleep, bathe, give up drugs, and
learn how to brush her hair.

#2 would be a pleasantly attractive 35 year old if she hadn't gotten into drugs 15 years ago. It's too late for her now.

#3 same as 2 but 20 years too late.

#4 is a horror movie prop?

#5 will look awesome after the operation

#6 just needs to get some sleep, she just looks tired.

#7 a little less drugs, and some makeup, and she's not that bad

#8 2 years sobriety, some hair care products, a facial wax and some makeup, and she's kind of pretty

#9 Eww! Help me unsee this hideous creature! She looks like Kate Goslin if Kate Goslin tripped, fell face first into Keifer Sutherland's face, and the imprint of his face came off on hers like her's was made of silly putty!

#10 Was probably born a hermaphrodite, and her parents
obviously decided to keep the wrong set of genitals on her.

#11The love child of Ren Hoek and Susan Boyle.

#12 seriously? That's not ugly, that's just poor lighting and
not enough makeup. Hell, a good night's sleep and a smile would
fix this one.

#13 looks like she-hulk

#14just needs the number 12 treatment

#15 uhhhh

#16 what 45 looks like in hooker time. There's no way that anyone's picked her up in 17 years or so.

#17 extreme makeover candidate.

#18 just needs some better clothes, some hair dye, and a little Makeup.

#19 dude...

#20 just bathe, give up meth, and wash your face.

#21 Oh god, make it go away!

#22 Whoa, so ugly even the camera couldn't stand looking at her!

#23 Yeah, she just needs sleep, some makeup, and a better
attitude. Seriously, you promised me ugly, so where is the ugly?

#24 Oh, there it is. Yuck. This is the girl who stands in the shadows
, jumps in your car before you get a chance to look at her, and won't get out unless you pay her.

#25 WTF, she's cute. You call her ugly because of a few pimples?!
She's so f**kable, it's not even funny.

#26 and 25's even prettier next to this genetic mistake. She's so
ugly, she's gone beyond the "so ugly she's cute" section to become just pure butt ugly.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

#8 = Ke$ha in 10 years time

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that fascists need to went their anger against women and consider prostitutes to be scum, ignoring all the human trafficking, humiliation and rape.

Anonymous said...

most women here have been RAPED AND FORCED INTO THIS how dare you people degrade them. did you go to sleep in a bed last night? make some food today? did it taste good? these poor women live in the cold dark world with the worst excuses for men. they most likely were kidnapped and trained, tricked by a "friend" or straight up raped and thrown in the back of a car and taken to a new place never to see there parents again. if youve never been raped dont say a word. if you know where your family is and go home at night shut up. not cool.

Hillbilly said...

Wow When I came to this here site I thought I was gonna see some low down ugly looking women....But alls that I say was just normal looking women who got mixed up in a life that well can get them killed, raped and beaten up. But what will surprise you most is that when I was on days off from my Oil rigging job I tried to pick up a prostitue right for the very first time ever. Well the hooker said ok to what I wanted and then told me to go down the street, so I said OK,, next thing I know all of a sudden these red and blue lights come on....Your Busted. I faced either going to court and having my name published in the paper or pay $500.00 dollars and go to John School. Well I paid my 500 dollars and went to john school that was the largest john school in Edmonton Alberta in 2001 with 86 people that year so they said. There was about the six of us out us the 80 that were good looking cause I've seen ugly looking women and those men were uglier than any women I ever saw