Monday, January 07, 2008

Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China

"Romantic Feelings," The world's Tallest Snow Sculpture. The 35-meter-tall and 162-meter-long snow sculpture has been placed at the expo's main square known as the "Romantic and Marvelous Area.

A tour bus passes a snow sculpture of former French leader Napoleon

A worker carves a giant snow sculpture during the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin

Snow sculpture of the "Thinker".

Ice sculpture of the Parthenon
Ice sculpture of the Tiananmen gate

Ice sculpture of a Catholic church

A treat for Color Lovers, a true artistic achievement! These are some of the images from 20th International Show Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin.

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Erik said...

Fantastic pictures! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We plan to spend our 25th wedding anniversary in Harbin in 2009. We try to visit as many ice sculpture events as we can. We live in the midwest (Chicago) and visit 6-8 ice festivals each winter - but nothing this fantastically incredible!!

Unknown said...

I want to go. other snow sculpture pics here too