Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crocodilian Pets in Hiroshima

A video report from Fuji TV news about a Mr. Murabayashi of Hiroshima Prefecture who keeps a spectacled caiman as a pet:

Here’s a brief summary:

* Murabayashi got the caiman, which he creatively named Caiman, from a pet shop 23 years ago. Caiman was once small enough for Murabayashi’s daughter to carry, but has since grown to a length of 2 meters.

* Caiman is used to living with humans and does not bite or attack them. Murabayashi’s daughter seems totally okay with sitting next to Caiman while holding her baby.

* Like many Japanese pets, Caiman enjoys spending time inside a kotatsu during winter.

* Murabayashi brings Caiman and his other pet croc to work every day. He has named his business using kanji that have the same reading as the Japanese word for “crocodile.”

* Caiman draws crowds when taken on walks by Murabayashi and is very popular with children. He even sometimes visits a kindergarten!

* Murabayashi’s wife does not like the damage Caiman inflicts on the tatami mats in their house. His daughter and wife are not fans of keeping crodociles as pets.

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