Tuesday, December 11, 2007

National Geographic Photo Contest 2007

This photograph was taken during a vacation in northern India in January 2007, in the city of Rishikesh.image credit: Jacopo Pandolfini

A female mallard protects her young from a great blue heron.image credit: William Bickle

A swarm flying over a river in Korea.image credit: Ryun Hyung-Min

This little baby deer was found in my wife's grandmother's front yard. We found it while doing yard work.image credit: Chris Bush

A green sea turtle emerges from a pit after nesting in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. During the nesting process the female turtles are most susceptible to their predators.image credit: Neil Osborne

This male gorilla was photographed at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.image credit: Alexander Vasiljev

Dragonfly.image credit: Kirk Gardner

I was out with the camera after a passing thunderstorm. As I was photographing a group of calla lilies, I happened upon this little guy nestled comfortably in one, taking shelter from the rain.image credit: Sainath Kamath

Newborn Weddell seal pup sleeping near Little Herring Island, Antarctica.image credit: Chris Wilson

Seagulls.image credit: Bartosz Nikiciuk

A hyena chases another hyena with a wildebeest's leg in its mouth in Tanzania, Africa.image credit: William Cowles Meyer

I found this little guy on one of the hostas this summer; he was covered in dew, sleeping.image credit: Noah Rosen

Seagull at Bandon, Oregon.image credit: Alex Morley

Lake Nam Co, Tibet.image credit: Timothy Heath

Racing to complete a day’s work, a dung beetle loses control of its prize possession on the tar road that runs through Kruger National Park, South Africa.image credit: Scott Francis

A baby gibbon clutches its mother at Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, Rhode Island.image credit: Kim Botelho

National Geographic has published its runners-up and winners from this year's international photo contest.
Source: nationalgeographic.com

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