Thursday, December 13, 2007

Illustrations By Beb Deum

The portfolio of commercial illustrator Bertrand Demay aka Beb Deum is both captivating and an inspiration on many different levels. Born and living in France, Beb-Deum is noted as being one of the masters of digital design and numerical drawing. His fabulous works are influenced by the Italian data base and Japanese culture, thus offering an interesting and complete mix of subject matter: something between retro-futuristic surrealism, techno-psychedelic and a kind of euro-manga. All these flavors combine into a very distinctive style; a style marked by subtle shades of (mostly) vibrant/bold colorings, and an excellent use of light and composition.

Nowadays, Beb-Deum works feature for advertising campaigns, but occasionally he will illustrate for both press and certain comics too.


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