Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Life Of A Professional Cannabis Pastry Chef

One Los Angeles resident has managed to support herself and her family by selling cannabis pastries to the medical marijuana clubs in her neighborhood. In this photo story—which shows the process of baking with cannabis butter or oil—one gets a rare look into the unusual trade of cannabis pastry-making. As she tells it,
As soon as my daughter was old enough that I had a little more time, I started baking with marijuana, alongside my friend. At first, I would bake huge batches, but sometimes my cookies could sit around for weeks before they went anywhere. I knew I could develop a niche for myself by using fresh, quality ingredients (like freshly squeezed organic lemons from my mom’s garden). Now I bake everything to order and deliver the goods fresh to a handful of medical marijuana clubs in my neighborhood.

Via Buzzfeed

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