Monday, July 02, 2012

Optical Illusions From Busan's Trick Eye Museum

This is the Trick Eye Museum in Busan which is one of the best examples of the most odd and unique spots of South Korea that contains a valuable collection of awesome 3D optical illusions, remarkably stunning, incredibly shocking and strikingly hilarious.

The entire point of this “museum” is to provide setups for funny pictures. An upside-down room makes it look like you’re standing on the ceiling. Stand in front of Mona Lisa with a paintbrush. Lay down on the floor and hang on for dear life to the painting of a cliff. Peer into a gentleman’s briefs. Wrap yourself in the coils of a serpent. Crawl into bed with a surprisingly buxom Mike. Will the hilarity ever stop?! No, it won’t… it goes on and on, for room after room after room. This place is huge and if you haven’t had your fill of funny-posing pictures by the end of it, then you, my friend, have some issues.

Via busan.for91days

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