Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Photographer Mark Menjivar has created a series of portraits looking inside people’s fridges. The series was completed of a span of three years in homes all over the united states. Each photograph is shot ‘as is’ and represents a wide swath of people. The series began when menjivar traveled across the US and began to ‘think about the foods we consume and the effects they have on us as individuals and communities’. This led him to ask people to photograph their fridge.

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indium said...

great pics
so much food

Etienne said...

It makes me hungry!
How about? "You/We are what you do!"

Riska said...

I think I see a snake curling on the shelf in the seventh picture. Or is it just me? :))

Fresh Pics said...

good observation Riska .. lol