Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hand Painted Movie Posters From Ghana

In the 1980s some entrepreneurs in Ghana invested in vhs video equipment and brought movies to Ghana. They toured the country and brought the magic of film to towns and remote villages many of which did not have electric power (a portable generator was used). The movies were shown in restaurants, school houses or outdoors and in many cases introduced movies to people for the first time.

To promote the films local artists were commissioned to do original movie posters. These posters were typical oil paintings that were rolled up and taken from town to town. The artist recalled scenes from memory but in some cases had not seen the film at all.

Each poster was unique and generally no copies were printed. In the 1990s television became widespread in Ghana and the portable theaters faded away. Since then Ghanaian hand painted movie posters have become popular with collectors around the world.

Terminator 2

Evil Dead 2

The Spy Who Loved Me

Children of the Corn


Ewoks The Battle for Endor

House Party

Top Dog

Not sure about these films .. some of them may be Ghanian Films?
If you know the background of these please post in the comments

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