Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrity Mugshots

Celebrity mug shots are usually quite funny – watch as they try to keep a straight face, or worse pull a pout as they’re snapped for their various offenses. Most of these stars got booked for D.U.I.s.

These mug shots show some very famous people after being arrested at their worse moments. Better than a paparazzi’s shots!

Michael Jackson

George Clinton

Kobe Bryant

Jim McMahon

Macaulay Culkin

May Andersen

Carmen Electra

Maurice Clarett

Daniel Baldwin

Nicole Richie

Ryan O'Neal

Mike Tyson

Rip Torn

'Pacman' Jones

Uncle Kracker

Kid Rock

Shia LaBeouf

Mickey Rourke

Katie Rees

Bai Ling

Dawn Wells

Vanilla Ice

Gary Dourdan


Heather Locklear

John Daly

Mary Delgado

Henry Lee Summer

Jeffrey Donovan


Nicolas Cage

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Chris Jericho

Paris Hilton

Jane Carter

Source: ktla

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