Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Aerial Photography of America by Cameron Davidson

Photographer Cameron Davidson started his aerial photography career in 1980 when taking snapshots for National Geographic and asked a local pilot to help him get an aerial view, and has been doing so ever since.

Featuring pictures taken from low-flying planes and helicopters, each of Cameron Davidson’s pictures takes viewers on a dynamic tour of a vast range of different landscapes and topographies. From ocean wind farms to winding rivers and downtown urban cores, this Cameron Davidson collection celebrates the wide array of terrain that the world has to offer in vivid HD detail.

New York City

New York City

Conservatory Garden in Central Park, New York

Las Vegas

San Francisco

San Francisco Bay

Pendleton, West Virginia

Florida Keys

Northern Iowa

Palouse Hills, Washington

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hamptons, New York

Mount Vernon, Virginia

Bass Estate, Connecticut

Yellowstone, Montana

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Anonymous said...

North America*

Bed and breakfast in Devon said...

ahahaha my eyes and brain are also twisted while watching the posts.