Thursday, July 08, 2010

35 Teen Idols Then and Now

I am sure you remember all of them. Many teen idols back in 80's and 90's were real heartthrobs. Millions of girls all over the world watched movies and TV shows with them, as these guys were handsome and their smile made many hearts melt.

Now let’s look at them the way they were and the way the are today.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Joey Lawrence

Jason Priestley

Luke Perry

Will Smith

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Kirk Cameron

Fred Savage

Donnie Wahlberg

Jonathan Knight

Danny Wood

Joey McIntyre

Jordan Knight

Johnny Depp

Christian Slater

Michael J. Fox

Matt Dillon

Jason Bateman

Corey Feldman

Rob Lowe

Emilio Estevez

Andrew McCarthy

Judd Nelson

Anthony Michael Hall

John Cusack

James Spader

Matthew Broderick

Patrick Dempsey

Charlie Sheen

Ralph Macchio

Rick Schroeder

John Stamos

Scott Baio

Kevin Bacon

Christopher Atkins

Source: nbcnewyork

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Anonymous said...

what no wil wheaton?

Anonymous said...

Wil. Everyone needs some Wil Wheaton! I declare this a travesty. (And agree with Anon.)

Tina said...

Have you noticed? Those with dark hair have been "saved" much better. They in overall look younger then blonds.

Mikey said...

I agree with Tina, but some of them didn't changed at all.

AnnabellLee33 said...

This is quite hot

Anonymous said...

you got Anthony Michael Hall wrong...

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS COREY HAIM??!???!!!!!?!!?!?!??!!!??!!!!!!??!??!!??!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Corey Haim is dead....

Anonymous said...

John Stamos and Johnny Depp started at HOT and just keep getting HOTTER!!! YOWSAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Depp looks great for his age, this pic doesn't make justice for him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Paul-Mark Goseelaar have the same position that when he was young, is the same picture but with clothes