Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stacked Book Portraits by Mike Stilkey

Artists are known for their creative eccentrics but Mike Stilkey is someone quite different. Mike is an artist from Alta Dena California, who paints exquisite portraits of life on spines of stacked books.

Mike always had a fondness for painting on old books that he even got published under the name ‘100 Portraits’. However later on, he had an innovative idea- to draw on book spines. Gradually he started drawing on a mass of stacked books.

The result was spellbinding and Exquisite paintings came to life through his drawings. Overnight Mike Stilkey became a legend, when he presented his paintings at the second Artist’s Annual group show.

Mike Stilkey had brought a new revolution in the world of interior designing. Gone are the days of multitude of stacked books that looked dull and boring. With his work of art, these walls of book stacks came to life with striking paintings and portraits. He has also inspired other artists to look a little beyond their imagination.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Super & creativ idea!
Selam from Bosnia:-))