Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Strangest and Rarest Animals in the World

Based on recent estimates there are approximately 30-50 million species on Earth. Among those species were the common birds, dogs, cats and fishes but did you know that there are strange and weird species which you probably haven't heard of?

Say, have you heard of a Leafy Sea dragon? or do you know how strange the Komondor Dog looks like? or did you even know that the weird-looking Hag Fish is not even considered as a fish by many scientists?

To answer your questions regarding the strange and weird species, here listed below is a compilation of the strangest and weirdest animal species on Earth.

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Alex said...

You should post their names too so people can learn and enjoy nature!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alex! I couldn't even figure out if some of them were land or sea creatures, or even their relative size, since I didn't have any basis of comparison. I'd love to have some names.

Anonymous said...

I agree too. But I think they don't know the names

Lady Jaguar said...

I have heard of at least one half of those animals and I even know their names. Some of them are: okapi, anteater, minogue, gavial (crocodile species), ocelot (cat species), tiger hybrid, monkey species, hedgehog, giant crab, phenek (desert fox), bear species, dolphin species, tapir, rhynocerus and squid. There are even some that I know in Bulgarian but don't know how to translate in English. Anyway, I am positive that these species are not natural but hybrid forms born in laboratories because of the greed of the scientists who make experiments in order to become rich, famous and notorious. However, this is criminally and inadmissible. These hybrids do not live long as their bodies are not adjusted to two different genes. Have you heard of the ligers and the tigons? Well, a liger is a hybrid between a lion male and a tiger female; the tigon is a hybrid between a tiger male and lion female. Check out these site:

So... What do you think? Was I right?

Gloria said...

As much as I frown on reposting copyrighted pictures, for the sake of science I will do my best to identify all of these:

1. Solenodon
2. Maned Wolf
3. African Civet
4. Unidentified Insectivores - possibly some kind of shrews?
5. Long-beaked echidna
6. Capybara
7. Sea pig
8. Pangolin
9. Vampire squid
10. Ardvark
11. Chinese giant salamander
12. Bearded pig
13-14. Sumatran rhino
15. Some species of lemur- sorry I don't know my lemurs well. >_>
16. Greater Galago?
17. a young wombat
18. Amazon River Dolphin aka Boto
19. Mola mola aka Ocean Sunfish - YAY!
20. Tasmanian Devil
21. Slender loris
22. Gharial
23. Okapi
24.Tree Kangaroo sp. (sorry, not sure which one)
25. Wolverine
26. Fossa
27. Pallas's Cat
28. Fennec fox kit
29. Naked mole rat
30. Coconut crab
31. Barreleye fish -
32. Short-beaked echidna
33. Red panda
34. Another lemur - possibly some type of sifaka?
35. Three-toed sloth
36. Duck-billed platypus
37. Giant anteater
38. Tarsier
39. Ocelot
40. Mudskipper
41. Some species of bat - sorry there are a LOT of species of bats out there. XD
42. Some type of lizard. Sorry not a reptile expert, either!
43-44. Pig-nosed frog
45. Giant sea-dwelling isopod
46. Sun bear
47-48. Tibetan fox - as screen-grabbed from the series "Planet earth". XD
49. Nomura's Jellyfish - is that photo for real? I know they're big, but dang!
50. Tiger with a rare "golden" color mutation.
51. Aye-aye
52. Geoduck clam, I think
53. Thylacine aka Tasmanian tiger
54-59. Lamprey. 6 pics of lampreys? why? XD
60. Star-nosed mole.

Fresh Pics said...

Thanks a lot Gloria for your time and effort in getting the names of all these strange and rare animals.
I accept that i didnt knew the names earlier when i posted the pics thats why i couldnt post them.

Gloria said...

No problem, I'm well familiar with most of them and I really enjoy helping people learn more about nature and wildlife. : )

Also I checked around online and consensus seems to be that the jellyfish pic is fake. Oh well!

JUUN said...

Good job, Gloria! Thanks~

Anonymous said...

picture number 42 is a Armadillo Lizard as i just found it on the internet

Fahry yusuf said...

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