Friday, December 04, 2009

Kerry Skarbakka: The Falling Photographer

Kerry Skarbakka photographs himself falling from trees, jumping off bridges and in the midst of fires – all in the name of art.

As the Falling Photographer, Kerry has traveled both near and far, searching for suitable locations to document his craft. Many of them are real leaps of faith, with no safety equipment to aid him if things should go wrong. Others, however, are a mere trick of the eye, shot with cleverly hidden climbing gear and cushioned landings. The resulting photographs, however, remain striking.

According to the artist, he first began taking the themed pictures to cope with the helplessness he felt after the 9/11 attacks. He currently has a small collection of 40 different photographs in his roster, all of which have been shown in galleries around the world. His current goal is to shoot enough material to be able to publish a book of his work.

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Fred said...

Incredibly creative! Where is the next show?