Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful Icebergs

Nobody can understand magic of nature. Those people who go into detail to understand the nature they find more and more logic to understand more. One of great example as a beauty of nature is iceberg which takes years to form but it is just like magic. Most Part of iceberg is in water and rest is above water surface, it looks great.

They are formed when snow falls on the already icy land on the shores of the Antarctic continent. The snow never melts and eventually there is so much it begins to pack down and form ice. That ice eventually begins sliding into the sea - thus, an iceberg is born. Most icebergs display only 10% of their total mass above water while the other 90% remains beneath the surface. It takes hundreds and thousands of years for an iceberg to form to the sizes we usually see.

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Unbelieveable Stuff said...

i want to link swap with you R u Interested then Reply me Back.....

Lady Jaguar said...

Beautiful! I have seen similar scenes in my childhood dreams!