Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 Amazing Images That Are Actually Paintings

They are all inspiring paintings from some amazing artists and I recommend you check out the rest of their work by clicking on the links.

1. Shower Scene

Artist: Alyssa Monks
Image Source

2. Milk Girl

Artist: Diego Gravinese
Image Source

3. Station Scene

Artist: Bert Monroy
Image Source

4. Lunch In Tiburon

Artist: Bert Monroy
Image Source

5. Self Portrait

Artist: David Kassan
Image Source

6. People Swimming

Artist: Alyssa Monks
Image Source

7. Graffiti and Wood Peeling

Artist: David Kassan
Image Source

8. Under Water Scene

Artist: Alyssa Monks
Image Source

9. Female Portrait

Artist: Dru Blair
Image Source

10. Splash

Artist: Eric Zener
Image Source

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Gaeh said...

Lol that is so much bull shit :P They have only printed out the pictures :S

Neto said...

Bull Shit, fake i´m sure

Cacau Borges said...

Aff. eu não acredito!!

bequitam said...


Priscila Ponte said...

they just printed, peinture doesn't look like that! Go see those impressionist, THEY paint as pictures!

Raphael Kox said...

Train station is real, i know that form some time ago.
Made in photoshop, but still not a photo.

Fernando H. Santos said...

You just have to be patient. It is the same like someone talking that does not believe that the computer exists (which is 1000 times more complicated). Sorry by my english.

Alma said...

Not fake.
Just enter the artists website, and you can see zoomed details.
Paintings, indeed.

Douglas Merighi said...

Nao eh fake nao... ja entrei no site da primeira artista.. foda msm...

Mas a idéia eh justamente causar esse espanto msm...

Crysmx said...

eu n acredito q sejam pinturas

Fernando Carvalho - SP BRA said...

This is possible only in Photoshop. I've already seen people do this pictures in photoshop just like the original. But I can't believe all of them be made by hand. Specially that ones with water in it. (Sorry, my english isn't that good).