Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Weird and Spooky Motorcycle Helmets

If you want to terrorize the people as you ride your motorcycle to work, then these helmets are just the perfect choice for you.

These helmets are created by a Brazilian artist by applying teeth, fangs, bones, hair and "fine stones" found along the Amazon to basic, open-faced helmets, the New Jersey-based Craigslist entrepreneur selling them claims they're fine to ride in. We wouldn't do the same, not just because they look really gross, but because all the stick-on animal parts would fundamentally compromise the crash worthiness of the helmets by altering the way in which they control neck movement on impact. But hey, they're only $99!

If you want to buy one of these spooky helmets then click here: Craigslist

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1 comment:

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