Wednesday, November 19, 2008

50 Police Cars from Around the World

London, England Police Car: Lamborghini Gallardo, Coolest cop car in the world.

Bermuda Police Car

Toronto, Canada Police Car

New York Police Car

Korea Police Car

France Police Cars

Finland Police Car

Czech Republic Federal Police Car

Italy Police Car: Lamborghini Gallardo.

New Zealand Police Car

Saigon, Vietnam Police Car

Madrid, Spain Police Car

Vienna, Austria Police Car

Nevada Police Car

Hamburg, Germany Police Car

Austrian Police Car

Jerusalem Police Jeep

English-Bavarian Police Car

Swedish Police Car

Taiwan Police Car

St. Petersburg, Russian Police Car

Shanghai, China Police Car

Japan Police Car

Buenos Aires, Argentina Police Car

Liechtenstein Police Car

Vancouver Police Car

Australian Police Car

Belgium Police Car

Tijuana, Mexico Police Car

Netherlands Police Car: Spyker C8 Spyder

Bulgaria Police Car: Porsche 911

South Africa Police Car

Texas, USA Police Car: Dodge Viper

USA: Hummer H2, Police Car

Canada: Jaguar S Police Car

Roma, Italy Police Car

Michigan Police Car

Another Australian Police Cars

China Police Cars

Kerala, India Police Car

Agra, India Police Car

Germnay Police Car

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Warrior said...

The spanish car is NOT the spanish police car, this is only the local police, they manage only the traffic. The national police´s car is usually this but there is others cars.

Вадим said...

This russian car (vaz 2106) is too old, now there are ford focus police cars everywhere in russia, or some more new russian cars (lada). And there a lot of mercedes-benz, bmw and a great number of other cars that russian police use.

eaeea said...

Swedish car is not looking like that anymore!

Anonymous said...

the swidish police car is a old one we have volvo xc90 now days and some more

Anonymous said...

Really Rome, who would ever catch anyone in a smartcar?

Anonymous said...

Outdated pics.

Indians use
1;Toyota Qualis
2;Hyundai accent
3.Some armoured anti terrorist vehicle,etc

Anonymous said...

Where is Indonesian police cars???