Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Creative Photo Retouching by Saddington and Baynes

Some absolutely spectacular photo retouching work by the Saddington & Baynes studio. Go check out the rest of the work that they have done it is all wonderful and you will not be disappointed.

Saddington & Baynes is widely recognized as the world's leading print post-production studio. They were the pioneers of digital retouching in the 90's and they continue to set the standard and extend the boundaries. Today, they are once again leading the way, being the first to grasp the full potential of creative CGI in the print medium and introduce it to the industry.

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vinicius algusto silva freire said...

Incrivel !!

Bruno Ferraz de Camargo said...

great job! I gonna post on my blog. It´s really awesome.


PHARAZON said...

Muito boas mesmo, são de uma criatividade e qualidade de deixar qualquer um maravilhado.
Estão enfeitando meu desktop. ^^
Parabéns cara.