Monday, September 29, 2008

50 Beautiful HDR Pictures

High Dynamic Range photography is a technique that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures which increases the tonal detail in photos. HDR photos are new in the field of photography and requires good conversions to achieve a realistic and pleasing final photos. Above shows a HDR version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

HDR Photography is not for everyone as some simply do not like the surrealistic effect but if you do, check out 50 beautiful HDR photographs.

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Dan said...

Extraordinary HDR collection!

Anonymous said...

The HDR images showing a street scene or storm clouds just blow me away. Gorgeous.

Unknown said...

i love HDR also, but haven´t manage to obtain such wonderful images like yours, i would be please if you help me with this, what should i read, learn, everything you can teach me.


D. said...

These photos are unreal - they've been tampered with too much. They don't look like photographs anymore, I'm afraid.

Havryben said...

Those are very cool!! Ive recently taken some HDR shots, check them out if you get a chance