Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cool Cliff Towns and Buildings

Buildings and towns around the world have used cliffs for centuries for safety from attack and panoramic views of surrounding areas.
Here are some of the coolest and bizarre cliff buildings in the world.

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Maxxer said...

pic #14 is "5 Terre", Liguria, Italia.
#34 Neuschwanstein castle, near Freiburg, Germany.

the others?

Rosherl said...

hey.. i'd like to know the location for these cliff towns and buildings please

Anonymous said...

Would like to get locations of these buildings. Tks.

monica said...

#6 is Rondatown, Spain
#7 Bonifacio, Corsica
#12 Castellfolit de la Roca, Spain
#14 Manarola, part of the 5 Terre, Italy
#20 Bonifacio, Corsica
#23 Bonifacio, Corsica
#34 Neuschwanstein castle, Germany