Monday, March 10, 2008

Industrial Portraits By Nubret Pascale

Although the film and advertising use today greatly digitized special effects and retouching photos, acquainting many of us to the "new images", the art of design tables with photographs compositing retouched and / or 3D is still unknown.

Yet, far from competing, it naturally finds its place between his two sisters that are famous painting and photography.

Linked to the latest technologies, it is experiencing a meteoric rise, sublimating a new approach to the world and men without breaking the artistic trend continues allegories charts after time immemorial.

The drawing, painting and photography more recently have experienced at various times acceleration both in their styles and in their performances, phenomena related to the vision of artists, history and patronage.

The art of the production of "stills" today is experiencing a boom again: digital images. An additional window opens on human feelings .

Discovered digital imaging in 1993.

Inspired by some painters: Jerome and his BOSCH bestiary at the height of religious painting, and portraits ARCIMBOLDO diverted impregnated with a striking humanity, and Salvador Dali MAGRITTE conceptions if surrealists opposed.

Determine in advance the final size of my productions, working always in very high resolutions for the sake of quality.

The technique, subtle arrangement of digital photographs of models and universe from 3D designs, leaves no trace on the surface, no comparison with painting or quilting photography.


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Ginger said...

I enjoyed your blog very much these pics are what i like very much.I posted your blog on mine today for others to come look.Very good blog enjoyed it very much thank you for all that you shared .
hugs ginger