Monday, October 23, 2006

Sea Of Blood

Severe Hunting of Whales in Iceland.

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SirPink said...

This is not in Iceland!!! This is in the Faroe Islands.....

Keep your facts straight!!

Kalmer78 said...

dude how could you mix that up, iceland is only hunting a few whales, what is the big deal about that??

and what about the americas or the japanese, they hunt whales in MUCH larger scale than icelanders

Frú Nína said...

FYI: (

Iceland has announced that it is to resume commercial whaling from 2007.

The annual quota is set to 30 minke whales (out af an estimated 174 thousand animals in the North Atlantic) and nine fin whales (out af an estimated 30 thousand animals in the North Atlantic).

What you are showing is: Grindadráp is whaling in the Faroe Islands. It has been practiced since at least the 10th century. It is strongly regulated by Faroese authorities and is approved by the International Whaling Commission. Around one thousand Long-finned Pilot Whales Globicephala melas are harvested through the year. The grindadráp mainly takes place during the summer.

Still today grindadráp is non-commercial, and anyone can participate. Grindadráp works by surrounding the whales with a wide semi-circle of boats and slowly driving them into a bay or fjord and then onto a beach.

Hafþór Freyr said...

this is not in Iceland. This is in the Faroe Islands...

Sveinn El Loftnets said...

Stupid fuckhead!
this is in Faroe Islands.
And it is nothing wrong with this kind of hunting. Steroids in cows and pigs and U.S.A warfare is criminal.

rizzo70 said...

This is a barbaric site. Why humans must slaughter harmless animals for a festival is unbelievable. All of you are idiots if you think this is ok.

rizzo70 said...

You people are ridiculous if you think this is ok. Why is slaughtering beautiful harmless creatures a festival? Why must human beings be so cruel? I cannot believe all you are worried about is the guy got the wrong location. All you who posted did that guy say....Stupid Fuckheads.

rizzo70 said...

This is a barbaric site. Why humans must slaughter harmless animals for a festival is unbelievable. All of you are idiots if you think this is ok.

kobberto said...

whell you´r a pussy, lame ass hippy, killing animals has been going on since the dawn of man so fuck off and shut the fuck upp

Mimir2 said...

Whales dont obey the same laws as humans do, they dont make their own food, they feed on whats in the ocean.
If their population grows too much they start starving.
Theres a natural balance in nature and that balance is often achieved by far more brutal and painful methods than a quick bloody death like the one you see above.

Are you gonna be jumping in the ocean to feed them when their population grows too large?

And also, they never show the poor little fish the whales eat.
All that fish whose life we could be saving.
But nono, we must "be kind" and allow the brutal predator to continue its murder spree.

And also, countries who are protesting whale killing, hunt whales themselves and many even hunt humans themselves.

So the hypocrisy in the world in protesting this is somewhere around infinity.

Mimir2 said...

Hunting humans is ment kill humans in order to profit money, and the whole world watches by and does nothing.

Mimir2 said...

I agree very much with showing those photos,
its education to know the world.

But we should also watch more photos than those,
we should watch when theyre cutting the throat of the pig you eat for breakfast.
We should have had a live camera on the children who were starving in iraq during the trade embargo.
And all the other horrors that happends in this world and we dont do anything about even though we easily could and would
if it only were in our interest to do so.

Gunnar said...

you bloody hipocrates!

Nations of the world who are protesting our (i´m from iceland yes) whaling: stop it!

Your governments and your troops are killing tens of thousands of (often) innocent people around the world, such as in iraq, supporting the murders on palestinians by the israeli and so on.
Why do you get so upset when a nation of only 300.000 inhabitants kill a few whales?
USA kills whales too (in Alaska i reckon), and so do many other nations.

Think about this.. It seems to me that a couple of whales are more worthy of your sympathy than innocent lives being slaughtered around the world

corak1978 said...

I don't mind that they do this, but the manner in which they do is just plain lazy. They basically lure the animals there and force them ashore for easy kills. Anyone can kill an animal in a pen when its cornered that takes no skill, killing a moving animal in the open takes at least some skill.

anna said...

I think that killing animals is cruel and plain evil!!! íslendingar þið eruð ömurlegir og ég skammast mín fyrir að vera ein af ykkur, ljótu morðingjar og hræsnarar sem þið eruð upp til hópa, þ.e ef þið eruð ekki hórur dauðans.. sem jú 99% ungmenna í landinu eru svo að mín lokaorð til ykkar eru: just shoot yourself!!!!

Álfkonan segir.. said...

this is Not in Iceland, and people who are against whale hunting why do they always just think about that they are beautiful creatures, we kill alot of beautiful animals all of us all the time. You should be more concerned about the way they are killed, than the killing itself actually, and also the people of Iceland did not choose this, the government did, we are not the a nation who is killing people in other countries at least.

Icewolf69 said...

Killing 9 whales is ok,killing a few thousunds muslims in Irak,is that ok?
Stupid fuckeading Americans.

Icewolf69 said...

Anna,ertu heimsk?
Veistu yfirleitt hvað þú ert að segja þarna með kommentinu þínu?

spiritualkleptomania said...

why do all of you dickheads using the killings of humankind around the world as opposing your brutally murdering these whales...
r u gonna keep the balance of the nature by killing 40-50 of them every year , u cunts ?
u r ignorant torturers, and i seriously hate living with people like you on the same soil.

I am not american but if killing a pig or a cow is only for eating it, there is nothing wrong with that. in fact pigs or cows r not among endangered species.
how about whales ?????

in fact most of the whales dont even eat fish, thats ironic that the largest it gets, the less dangerous (to the ocean in ur opinion) they become.

all these ideas you pussies share here make me realize one more time that it is not a so-called coincidence you barbaric europeans kept killing people of asian countries, african countries, latin american countries for generations.

and now you put the blame on USA ?

here is my answer to u;

go fuck yourself... and get real

Gisli said...

Yum, yum, I like whale meat. Medium raw slice fried on a pan with a little black pepper and no salt.

julia said...

are you people stupid this is not i iceland we are not that stupid bud you fkn people sut be take this of this fkn hálvitarnir ykkar haldiði virkilega að þetta se á íslandi rotniði í japönsku fangelsi móngolítarnir ykkar þið eigið ekki líf :@ þetta eru fkn færeyja djöflar að þessu aaaaaaaa:@:@

This is in the Faroe Islands.....

Daniel120 said...

Ég er Færeyingur búsettur á Íslandi og hef verið það mest allt mitt líf og hef smá að segja. Grindadráp snýst ekki um leti... í Grindadrápi geta allir tekið þátt, hjá sumum fjöldskyldum er maður ekki maður fyrr en að hafa tekið þátt í grindadrápi.

Ég var á strönd í Færeyjum í miðju Grindadrápi þegar ég var 9 ára og fannst það alveg frábært! Að vísu erum við að drepa dýr en er eitthvað skárra að drepa menn eða fanga til ánægju eins og sumir sadistar gera í heiminum!?

Ekkert af þessu kjöti fer til spillis, við étum ALLT sem er ætilegt af þessum skepnum.

Þið sem eruð að rakka niður Íslendinga og Færeyinga fokkið ykkur í analkuntuna.

Guy Barry said...

Wow what a blood bath!!Nice photos but the guy with the tatoos spoiled them.What do you think?

chasmal said...

I saw video footage of pilot whale harvest in the Faroe Islands some years back. In the footage, one of the gutless nonces involved cut open the stomach of a pregnant female and happily handed the foetus to his child. The child proceeded to smash the foetus over a rock.
Now there is no point in protesting over this ritual, its impossible to avoid buying things exported by the Faroe Islands because any economic sanction will be compensated for by the gutless Danish Government, which subsidises this North Atlantic shithole to the tune of millions a year.
I did appreciate the last photo of the bearded man with his face covered in blood. It is my sincerest wish that he spends his last years in great pain, misery and fear.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about america dont hunt whales or dolphins we forbid that unlike freaken iceland and japan