Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka is a Polish artist born in 1952. Yerka's work can be witnessed though Mind Fields, in which Harlan Ellison has provided narration for each of Yerka's selected pieces.

Yerka studied art at University, before rebelling against the trend to paint with less attention to realism and detail. Instead, he found his education studying the works of the Northern European masters like the Van Eycks, Dierck Bouts, Robert Campin, Bosch, and surrealists such as Magritte.

To View More of his Master Pieces Click Here.

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maverick said...

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Michael said...

Very choice works Mr Yerka. I used to have Mind Fields until it was stolen off me. It's great to see them on the web and so much more I have never seen. You paint such amazing Mind-scapes with brilliant attention to detail. I love the soft lush grasses and the morphic transitions and the beast machines. All you have to do is step through a door from a cruel world or climb out of a manhole from the sewers and you are there in your world of beauty and enchantment. Your art is vivid and ones eyes cannot help but to to follow the flow of your brushstrokes as if to imagine the journey you took to create such wonderful scenery. May you keep on painting well into your Golden Years even if you become rocking chair bound.


Michael in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

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