Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brunei Sultan Jet

Sultan of Brunei's Classic Aircraft.

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talon said...

SO WHAT!!! He is the Sultan of Brunei. This is what you can do if you own the country. Lavish? Yes. exorbidante? Yes. But tell me,,, If you were a Sultan in a country that didn`t give a #$%@ about oil and steel and copper. And all you had to worry about was the well being of your people, then do you not think that for the time you are in power, [and all the time your people have trusted you] and what you have done for the people. That you cannot spend some of your money on a really cool jet? What about AIRFORCE1? The shit in there cost more than the sultans jet. JPaul Getty spent more money on his planes 50 years ago than the Sultan did last year.And we are talking 06 US dollars. Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have. The less crap you have to eat.

BoughtAndPaidFool said...

Who is talon arguing against?

The guy needs to calm down. Take a chill pill. Relax. Breath. Deep breath, now.

Everyone here is just admiring the amenities of plane that happens to be owned by the sultan of Brunei. There is no one here for you to fight talon. You won't last very long in life if you cannot choose your battles wisely.

The Sultan Of Brunei said...

The amazing lifestyle no one cannot enjoy in life ever. The Egyptian lords and kings were living the same life style in their era but in this ea no one can afford to live in such ways. The sultan of brunei is really living great life.