Friday, June 23, 2006

Al Magnus Photography and Photographic Creations

I think it’s an invitation to dream, to reach poetry
where each detail holds its own meaning,
each element its usefulness, every scene tells a story.

Who’s the person who’s never dreamed
of lying on fluffy clouds or frolicking among the stars?
Those are a child’s simple emotions somehow
reduced within the constraint of traditional photography.
I’ve yearned to bring those yet again to the fore in absolute simplicity.

When my children came into my playground,
it became obvious I had to put them in the frame.
Their apparent naivity, added to their spontaneity,
allow to make believe in reality for a brief magic instant.

To Read More About Al Magnus Photography and Photographic Creations Click Here.

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Joca said...




Jesse said...

These are nifty

Παιδίσκη ερωμένη said...


Ioanna, Athens Greece

A.J.o.h.n.B. said...

Stunning and Inspirational.
= )
Kudos and thanks!

Gul said...

süperrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!! : )))

kiymet said...

O la laa! You have to think twice on each photo. it shows you the connection btwn real life and the objects. If you have a thing, it means that you are dependent to this. The ownership is on this object, not on you!