Monday, March 27, 2006

Winter in Niagara Falls

It was a short two nights vacation. We went to Canadian Niagara Falls in winter for second time. I new what to expect and got my camera and tripod ready, but the weather was not too good. First night -20C and wind with mist all over the place. I could not get close to the Canadian Falls, so I shoot plenty of American Falls and night city. But second day was amazing, mild and sunny. And the mist was only above the falls bottom, so I could get as close as possible and shoot them both in day and in the night. All Falls illumination colors are real, no filters and no tweaking in PS, they are just that amazing.
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John said...

You think this is nice? It's nothing compared to seeing it in person. The lights are up through the christmas season, go if you ever have the chance. I'm lucky and live nearby... hope you are too.

ratnaveera said...

All the photos of Niagara Falls are really superb and colorful. This is really a great work! Thanks

Niagara Falls said...

Nice pics! Niagara Falls is probably one of the most breathtaking places in North America. It is so marvelously beautiful that anyone can fascinate photography.