Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Tree Made From 100 Bicycles

An Australian shopping center has transformed 100 doomed bicycles into one of the world's stranger Christmas trees, a 23-foot-tall metal monument to holiday shopping.

The bikes were painted green, while the wheels were given a multi-colored makeover to resemble Christmas tree lights.

For the past two years, Sydney’s The Rocks area has featured a mind-blowing Christmas tree made of recycled materials. In 2008, the chosen medium was chairs, 2009 was the year of recycled bottles, and this year organizers went for bicycle parts.

The bikes were donated by a local recycling company, and will be given back after the holiday.

Source: facebook

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PTX Digital Token said...

What an awesome sharing (Thank you) the happening moment at Sydney’s The Rocks! Completely with 30 astounding and colorful images.

From your shared article, I am very proud on reading about a local recycling company organized this eventful agenda.

It shows that an amicable community life enjoyed in that area among residents through high altruism moral. Your last paragraph really a great proof of it;

"The bikes were donated by a local recycling company, and will be given back after the holiday."

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! I must have a look at it next time I'm in The Rocks.

Coco said...

beautiful tree, all the lights make it turn all these different colors, truly beautiful work of art!

conference tables said...

This is something so brilliant! I love this whole idea of recycling. Very pretty!