Friday, September 03, 2010

40 Hilarious Photoshop Fails

When you are working in Photoshop, you should be very careful. Too many “geniuses” lately make the most hilarious mistakes. Have some laugh!

Apple: Logo No Go

The Guardian: Cutout Of The Year 2010

Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side

Le Petit Nicholas: Lock Out

Life & Style: What's Wrong With This Pitt Chore?

Calleija: My Giraffe Can Do That

Le Parisien: Main Problem

Philips: Ha ha ha ha divorce

NW: It's Not Right But It's OK

Chwyty Gitarowe: Flaw Polish

Der Spiegel: What's A Joint Like You Doing In A Girl Like This?

Modern Furniture Warehouse: Bit Shady

iStockphoto: Beautiful Billbroad

Vogue: Your Pussy Is On Fire!

Armani Exchange: It's A Gut Thing

Neiman Marcus: Venus de Milo

Bobbi Brown: Vitiligo Chic

Yamamay: Working On A Hunch

En Marche: Camping Disaster

German Supermarket: Very Handy

Dutch National Ballet: 238th Position!

Baby Phat: Kimora Different Person

PKZ: Hokey Cokey Minefield

Vegetarian Times: Funny Bones?

Blédina: Mushroom Of The Thinking And Of Evil

Doctor Who: The Trousers Of Doom

Silvio Berlusconi: Twins! Simpsons Already Did It

Swedish Taxi: Hard To Handle

Victoria's Secret: Mostly Invisible Handbag

The Star: Back Handed

Mega Magazine: Worst Hand Job Ever

Formoza: We Are Competent Formoza The Time

Belgian Toy Store: Hmm Four Armed Is Forewarned

Good Housekeeping: Honk Episode Gouge

Source: photoshopdisasters

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Marrock said...

You really should credit since you basically copied and pasted their entire site into one post.

porno izle said...

these are very funny

Anonymous said...

Eh who cares what other sites they were on I don't they're still hilarious and it happens all over the internet I could understand someone getting upset if it was that websites original work but it wasn't it had to come from whoever photoshopped the pics

Anonymous said...

what marrock said

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said.