Friday, June 04, 2010

The Most Famous Newspaper on TV Shows

Desperate Housewives, Married... with Children, etc. It seems like everyone is reading the same newspaper.

A murder of crows, page 1, (1998)

A murder of crows, page 2, (1998)

A Texasi Láncfűrészes (2003)

Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy, (2006)

No Country for Old Men, (2007)

Power Rangers Zeo

Dallas 14x20, (1991)

Married with children 11x24, (1997)

Angel 3x04, (2001)

Charmed 3x17, (2001)

Six Feet Under - 3x11, (2003)

Malcolm in The Middle – 5×02, (2003)

Lucky Louie - 1x06, (2006)

Smith - 1x01, (2006)

Everybody hates Chris 2x05, (2006)

Desperate Housewives - 2x13, (2006)

Desperate Housewives - 3x07, (2006)

Desperate Housewives - 4x01, (2007)

Desperate Housewives - 4x01, (2007)

Desperate Housewives 4x13, (2008)

Desperate Housewives 6x03, (2009)

Desperate Housewives 6x12, (2010)

Scrubs 6x16, (2007)

Scrubs 7x11, (2008)

Scrubs - 8x04, (2009)

Wildfire 3x03, (2007)

Worst Week - 1x12, (2009)

Worst Week - 1x12, (2009)

Jonas - 1x06, (2009)

10 things I hate about you 1x10, (2009)

10 things I hate about you 1x10, (2009)

Cougar Town 1x03, (2009)

Modern Family 1x16, (2010)

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F.H. said...

Is there a pdf file of those newspaper pages?

Anonymous said...

Not publicly available, no. Most likely the "newspaper" is the intellectual property of a prop house that makes the fake newspaper.

Prop houses make many fake items for camera. Billboards, flyers, food products, beverages...

Because it's cheaper, most of this stuff is used over and over on multiple shows. Heisler beer can bee seen on many popular TV shows, but is not a real beer.

And that may look like Bud Light that woman is drinking, but it's probably Bod Liquib.

Items like food/beverage products are not a big deal though. You see a fake beer brand on multiple shows, and well it doesn't really break any illusions.

This however, now that it's been pointed out all over the net, will probably mean the end for that particular prop. It may still sit on set newsstands (The props at the Paramount lot newsstand look like they haven't been changed out in 30 years!), but you'll likely not see anyone pick one up again.

Anonymous said...

'A Texasi Láncfűrészes (2003)' is a hungarian title of the 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Anonymous said...

So Ed O'Neil finally gets around to finishing that one newspaper...13 YEARS later.