Friday, April 10, 2009

Children on a Leash

Apparently, not only cats and dogs are put on a leash. The same is happening with children. Some parents walk their kids on a leash!

I think, children need an upbringing and not a leash.

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phoebe marie said...

i dunno. i kind of think kids SHOULD be kept on leashes. they're capable of being way more destructive than dogs. they're more likely to wander off stupidly than dogs. they're certainly more annoying than dogs. though, i do agree that ill-behaved children are most always the product of horrible parenting, at least these useless parents are doing their part and trying to keep their unruly brats in line somewhat. what it all comes down to is - most people should not be allowed to breed. especially the sort whose (lack of) parenting "skills" end up necessitating leashes.

Anonymous said...

What's weird about this? Some parents are scared that their kid might be abducted. Apparently when I was little, near where I live there was this kid that wandered away from his mum and these teenagers abducted him and beat him to death with concrete slabs! After that everyone around here bought those things for their kids!

Unknown said...

This is nothing new. I'm 41 and I was on a leash as a kid (maybe till 3 or 4yrs). Didn't damage me in any way, and probably saved me from being squashed by some truck.

pissed off kid said...



if u dont want 2 look after ur kids, then DONT HAVE KIDS!!!

i agree, 2 that some people shoudlnt b allowed 2 have kids, and sometimes a leash must b totally necessary so that the child doesnt get killed... thats only like 1 case in 2 million tho, most people should actually PAY ATTENTION 2 THEIR KIDS

Anonymous said...

I have a nephew who has slight ADD, and likes wander around. If he's the only kid, great you can watch him all you want. But he wasn't. And there has been many times that everyone has to stop what we're doing and search for him. This because my sister thinks leashes are wrong. Good thing we've always been able to find him.

Lliving in a big city, things happen, people do abduct kid.

It may not look good if you're comparing this device to leash on a dog, but if it saves their lives, I have no problem with this.

I was not put on a leash, but after each time I "wander off" my parents tied their jacket around my waist and they kept me at bay with it. So what's the difference between that and a cute teddy bear leash?

Anonymous said...

wow i cant believe these comments. how can you say that kids need an upbringing and not a leash. you must not have kids. I have two kids who are close in age and i have to use one for their safety and my sanity when i am out with them. My children are not ill behaved, they are just KIDS. And please do not compare a child do an animal. An animal will always be an animal and a child grows out of their behaviours.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bunch of douche bags. Use condoms when you are out having unprotected sex--the world would not want your shallow genes pools procreating. Obviously, you have no children to make these dumb comments.

Little babies are adventurous and want to explore the new world to them. These allow them to have some independence and to not end up in harm's way. Leashes are not just for ill-behaved children, but rather a precautionary measure. Further, a leash does not state the children do not receive attention. Common sense and critical thinking would prove the opposite--maybe their parents care?

Anonymous said...

Here in the Netherlands we have a simple explanation for this occurance:

"Just another American thing."

I've never been on a leash and I've never seen a child on a leash here anywhere, and for some reason, there's not really an increased rate of child abductions and deaths when compared to the USA.

Want kids? -Raise them-. Leashes are for animals.