Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mechanical Art

Sculptures made from Machine Parts.

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Eye_Shattering said...

I cant believe there are zero comments on this spectacular, amazing, tupifying works of art I am also an artist, blacksmith/artsmith welder,painter,sculptur,writer,poetry and narratives, creature creator, innovative mind like this artist , this artists work is dynamic, divivine, tremendous dilligence and perfectionism, everything is so calculated prestine, it looks like it all just fits like a puzzle to most peoples eyes, I know the labour involved it deserves far more than a standing ovation, it is "eye shattering" ! ! !
jason Stephens, Lindsay ,Ontario - Canada

Anonymous said...

This is an example of how the public is unaware of the art world and the importance of individual expression and how it relates to the social environment and human condition. John Dewey said it is primarily about the artist and if someone else's emotions are tweaked by it, great! This stuff sure tweaks me. Absotively amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Nobutyebutnobutyebutnobutyebutnobutyebutno because ther was this whole fing wat I dont even know nuffin or nuffin about because you know misha, well she tipped a whole bottle of 'Coke Cola' into Louise Shannon's bag because she she rote this fing on the recky wall in the girls bogs about misha being 100% minga of soming or nuffin.

Anonymous said...

Oink oink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

whoa!!!u are one glorified nut!
no offence bt belive me dat was sum enlightment!!sheer mechanical aesthetics!!!!cool!

Anonymous said...

oh n you are one genius....there are one whole lotta pple waitin to learn stuff like this...plz tell us hw we can get in touch wid ya!!!!

ernestmac13 said...

There are a few folks doing this sort of work, I have seen a local artist dodisplay this sort of work at an art & wine festival here in northern CA. This particular work may be by this group of artists at the link bellow as was given by make magazine. The women in the photo could be one of the artists, and the group is Make Magazine gave is in Thailand There site is ://

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm french!
Yesterday was my birthday, and entering in thai restaurant, i almost fell. I looked up and saw this huuuge alien watching over all those eaters mouth wide open :)
this was my present.
The cook told me this sculpture was made with mechanical parts and wre from thailand, i'm fan!!!!